Britax frontier vs Britax pioneer - which is best

Britax is one of the pioneering car seat manufacturers having its foundation in Europe. The brand has gained huge popularity among the American families because of the high end child safety technology it offers. Britax Frontier and Britax Pioneer are the preliminary car seat models that cater to all the safety requirements of child car seats while traveling. Both the models have fundamental features in common but there are a few differences which one has to note before buying. The main difference lies in the harness limit that these models have. Pioneer model's harness limit is fixed at 70 pounds while Frontier model's harness can rise up to 90 pounds. Next, the weight limit of frontier car seats in booster mode can go beyond 10 lbs as that of pioneer models. A frontier vs pioneer car seat comparison review

can help you know more about the differences.

Basic features of Pioneer and Frontier car seats

    >      Tangle free five point harness with seven height points

  • Sturdy steel bars offers stability and avoids the child from falling in the front
  • Recline feature that is adaptable at the front
  • Added cushion for comfort of the child
  • Untied belt ends which enable easy installation
  • No rethreading is necessary to adjust harness
  • Car seats can be connected to vehicle through the sturdy tether
  • Cup holders for storing drinks and snacks
  • Car seats need not be uninstalled to remove the seat covers
  • Shifting from harness to booster mode is easy without unleashing the harness
  • Cushioned armrests
  • Two positions to hold your growing child
  • Belt guides with color codes for easy placing and trailing of path in both modes
  • LATCH connectors using high end technology
  • Delivers proficient plane travel experience in harness mode

Observations between Pioneer and Frontier car seats

When comparing Pioneer models with Frontier models, one can find five major differences. Frontier car seat models possess five extra features that are not found in Pioneer car seat models. Read below the differences:

ClickTight mechanism: This feature enables easy installation of seats using seat belts in alternate to using lower LATCH connectors.

EZ-Buckle system: Enables safe strapping on the sides of the child and offers room for easy lodging.

HUGS Chest cushion: This feature secures your child in one place and protects him or her from tipping in the front.

Height range: Frontier seats provide considerable height limit in both harness and booster modes. The harness limit of seated position is set at 20.5 inches and the standing position is set at 58 inches. The booster height limit of the seated position is fixed at 23 inches and the standing position is set at 62 inches. 

Price: Frontier car seat models are comparatively priced higher than pioneer car seats.


All these extra features make the Frontier car seat models preferable. When it comes to cost, Pioneer car seats are cost-effective. If you are ready to spend for a peace of mind then Frontier models can be your pick.

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